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Dale here in Brady TX

Besides being a techie, I have two serious hobbies; 1) is music and 2) is soccer.  However, my days of playing soccer are near an end.  Music, on the other hand, I expect to be spending more time on.   I play guitar (can cover on bass) and keyboards.  I have been playing music since age 11, but never professionally.  Very modest performance/stage experience.  Reasonably good on vocals.

Musically I would like to team up with others interested in jamming on classic rock.  Presently I play CCR, Dead, Eagles, Dylan, Cream/Clapton and others.  Would be interested in playing some 'newer' music.  But not much interest in heavy metal or punk.  I have liked some of the music by Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, STP...just haven't decided to pick on learning to play any of them yet.

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If you got here without a link from me and would like to contact me about jamming in central Texas, shoot me a message today!

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Hope to get a few more up here

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Age: 68
DEGREE: MS, Software

Favorite Band: Dead